company history

EXM has specialized in custom enclosure for four decades. EXM's founding factory was established by Maurizio Ciocca in 1975, based in Lachute, Québec. The world wide headquarters now located in Blainville, Québec, has a complete manufacturing plant, engineering, accounting and sales department. Possessing production facilities throughout the world, EXM continue to grow and think outside the box when it comes to enclosures.

EXM hosts a selection of more than 29,000 standard products some in which are unparalleled in the industry, namely the 5412 ES and 5412 ESCH series. Pioneer in enclosure design, EXM offers an innovative externally mounted ¼ turn locking mechanism. The products are made with the utmost quality and workmanship, following ISO 9001:2008 standard.

As well as being an innovator in the field of enclosures EXM sets itself apart from the competition by offering BOXCAD, an online service that allows users to design their own custom enclosure within EXM's product series. BOXCAD is simple and easy to use, shortens lead times and gives the power to the customer to make revisions to BOXCAD configurations.

At EXM the client comes first, with a variety of services such as BOXCAD, a global network of distributors & agents as well as a qualified support staff. EXM is equipped to assist it's customer base.


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